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Out-Patients Department

The Hospital has a very busy Out-Patients Department. On average, 1000 patients visit OPD every day from all over the country. They have respiratory symptoms and come either for diagnosis of their disease or for treatment.
Emergency patients are immediately referred for admission and treatment…


In-patients Department

In-patients Department includes TB wards, Oncology ward, Asthma and other Non-TB chest wards, Chest Surgery Unit and Cardiac Complex.
In 1947, Hospital started with only 50 beds, but, at present, Hospital is serving 1500 in patients.



Tuberculosis (Tb) is a major public health challenge in Pakistan; Pakistan ranks 5th among the 22 high-burden countries in the world. An estimated 300,000 people in Pakistan acquire TB annually. Gulab Devi Hospital was established for TB diseases and had been contributing a lot for diagnosing, treating and controlling the disease…


TB Wards

Tuberculosis is still rampant all over Pakistan with a case load of 231 per 100,000 population .Poor TB patients require a centre of excellence where all diagnostic and treatment facilities exist. A TB patient if left untreated can spread this disease to 15 other healthy individuals…


Chest Surgical And Emergency Unit

Adjacent to the Outdoor Department, Emergency Department stands to serve patients presenting in serious condition. The Department consists of an Emergency ward, three procedure rooms, 2 male & 2 female wards…


Anesthesia Department

Major surgical procedures cannot be accomplished without the help of a good Anaesthesia Department. A competent Anaesthetist heads this Department and is helped by two Medical Officer and two Staff Nurse who are well versed and know the job…


Chest ICU

With 1,000 patients coming to the Hospital every day and about 1500 admitted Patients, we required a place where seriously ill patients could be looked after in an intensive care setup. Therefore, a Chest ICU was established in 1995…


Oncology (Cancer) Ward

Gulab Devi Hospital, Lahore is running a dedicated Pulmonary Oncology ward since April 1997. All modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment of Lung cancer patients are being provided free of charge.


Asthma Ward

Bronchial asthma is a disease which is on the rise since many years. Many patients are suffering from this problem and, during acute attack, require good Hospitalization…


Asthma Clinic

To meet the needs of Asthma, patients an Asthma Clinic was established in 1999. In this clinic, health education is provided, to the patient in addition to drugs and free consultation .An average of 100 to 150 patients…


Bronchoscopy Unit

Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy is a routine procedure at Gulab Devi Hospital, Lahore being done six days a week .For all indoor patients and poor patients from anywhere, the procedure is done free of charge…


Cardiac Complex

Under the supervision of cardiologist, a team of resident medical officers, nursing staff, the cardiac patients are examined daily .In addition, weekly OPD clinics include…


Cardiothoracic Surgery Department

First closed heart operation in the Hospital was performed in 1984 when closed mitral valve commissurotomy was performed in a case of severe mitral stenosis. A full fledged Cardiac Unit was established in 1987…


Pathology Department

The Hospital has the latest equipment and investigative facilities for pulmonary as well as cardiac diseases. It is staffed by a Professor of Histopathology, a Professor of Pathology, an Assistant Professor of Microbiology…


Radiology Department

In a Hospital, the Radiology Department plays a pivotal role in diagnostic examination. Different radiological procedures lead to accurate diagnostic information. The Department of Radiology and Imaging at Gulab Devi…


Computer Section

The Hospital has the latest equipment and investigative facilities for pulmonary as well as cardiac diseases. It is staffed by a Professor of Histopathology, a Professor of Pathology, an Assistant Professor of Microbiology…


Social Welfare Department

Medical social services project at the Gulab Devi Chest Hospital was established in 1982. Four Medical Social Officers have been deputed at the Hospital by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of the Punjab…


Society for Rehabilitation of Patients

Society for Rehabilitation of Patients is a registered NGO by Social Welfare Department working for the welfare and rehabilitation of patients.
Members of the Society meet once a month to discuss and find solutions of different problems faced by the patients.


Gulab Devi Post Graduate Medical Institute

In order to achieve our objectives, work on establishment of a Postgraduate Medical Institute was started. The feasibility studies in 2003 ultimately bore fruit and in 2004, Gulab Devi Postgraduate Medical Institute was established…



Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI Library is situated on the 2nd floor in Sadiq Rabia Building, which has been continuously disseminating the latest knowledge/information to its Postgraduate students& allied health Sciences…