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Cardiac Complex

The Cardiac Complex comprises of both cardiology and cardiac surgery. The Department of Cardiology of Gulab Devi Chest Hospital consists of the following units:

Out-Patients Department

Under the supervision of cardiologist, a team of resident medical officers, nursing staff, the cardiac patients are examined daily .In addition, weekly OPD clinics include:
a) Hypertension clinics
b) Mitral stenosis clinics

where diagnosis and treatment is carried out Besides, routine checkup of patients in which PTMC has been done is carried out.
c) Ischemic heart disease clinics

Echocardiography Lab

Echocardiography is carried out daily to help diagnose various cardiac problems like valvular heart diseases , congenital heart diseases and other myocardial and vascular diseases.The Lab is equipped with sophisticated Echo machine having Doppler color flow imaging facility and Transesophageal probe.


Ischemic heart disease only manifests itself under physical stress. Exercise test is done under controlled conditions for the diagnosis of heart disease and assessment of exercise capacity .
Routine ETT is done in Cardiology Department throughout the week.

 Angiography lab

There are two angiography labs available in the Cardiology Department where all types of diagnostic as well as interventional work is carried out under supervision of most experienced cardiologist in the city.

The first lab started its functions in 1996; the second lab, which is equipped with latest digital angiography machine, has started functioning in 2001.Two Angiography Labs are under construction and will be completed within six months.

 Coronary Angiography

It is a routine investigation to localize the site and extent of the narrowing of heart vessels. This helps to decide about the various modes of treatment applicable to certain patients such as angioplasty / stent insertion or bypass grafting.

Coronary angioplasty / Stent Insertion

Coronary angioplasty is the method of opening the narrowed blood vessel of the heart with the help of balloon catheter through artery of the leg without major surgery .To maintain the patency of vessel permanently , a spring like device called stent is placed at the site of previous narrowing of the vessel.
This procedure is routinely carried out at the Hospital under the supervision of well trained interventional cardiologists.

Balloon Valvuloplasties

The tight valves of the heart are opened with balloons.
Rheumatic heart disease is a major affliction of heart that deforms the heart valves and also narrows them. PTMC is a procedure by which these valves are opened by means of a balloon catheter, obviating the need of major surgery. Ours is the centre in which maximum number of these procedures are performed in the city.

Permanent Pacemaker Implantaion

To treat various heart blocks and arrhythmias permanent, pacemaker is implanted at the Hospital as a routine procedure.

Department of Nuclear Cardiology

The building of Department of Nuclear Cardiology is in the final stage of completion.