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Cardiothoracic Surgery Department

First closed heart operation in the Hospital was performed in 1984 when closed mitral valve commissurotomy was performed in a case of severe mitral stenosis. A full fledged Cardiac Unit was established in 1987, comprising of both cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. Cardiac Operation Theater, ICU , laboratory and wards were constructed and equipped. First open heart operation in this Unit was performed in 1987 . At present, all forms of closed and open heart surgery are performed in this Unit including valvotomies, valve replacement, valve repairs, correction of congenital heart defects, CABG etc . Most of these operations require expensive disposables but many of the patients are so poor that these have to be carried out almost free.

The Department is staffed by two full time Cardiothoracic surgeons , trained registrars and medical officers ,trained nurses and para-medical staff.