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Emergency Department

Adjacent to the Outdoor Department, Emergency Department stands to serve patients presenting in serious condition. The Department consists of an Emergency ward, three procedure rooms, 2 male & 2 female wards. All the patients coming in emergency ward are provided with management of acute illness after which those requiring admission are admitted in the male & female wards comprising of 48 beds. Minor procedures, like pleural & ascetic taps, tube thoracostomies, lumber punctures and incision drainage are frequently done in the procedure rooms. Patients requiring thoracic or orthopedic surgery are shifted to the Surgical wards situated upstairs. Patients requiring vigilant care for their medical and chest problems are kept in Emergency or referred to Chest I.C.U.

The Department provides services to 40 patients per day, on an average. The Department is looked after by Casualty Medical Officer, one Chest Physician and one Thoracic Surgeon on all the working days and round the clock in case of emergency.

Orthopedic Department

An important sequel of Tuberculosis is tuberculosis of bones and joints. This has got a greater morbidity and mortality as compared to other types of Tuberculosis. Services in this regard are being provided to all patients on both outdoor and indoor basis .

An orthopedic surgeon is looking after this Department with the help of a medical officer. Both outdoor and indoor management, along with surgical remedies like spinal implants, are frequently done here along with minor surgical procedures like drainage of psoas and para-spinal abscesses. All the treatment facilities are provided free of charge to deserving patients.

Chest Surgical Unit Department

Thoracic Surgery is being done in this Hospital since 1948. Before the advent of chemotherapy, surgery was thought to have an important role in treatment of tuberculosis. After the discovery of effective chemotherapeutic agents, role of surgery was curtailed to the management of various complications arising from tuberculosis. In addition to managing different difficult situations like empyema or pneumothorax and MDR TB, Thoracic surgery is involved in diagnosis as well as treatment of a long list of diseases including Lung Cancer or Destroyed Lung, hydatis disease and COPD.

At present two thoracic Surgery units are functioning supervised by thoracic surgeons .A variety of procedures are being performed safely in the operating rooms while a satisfactory post operative care is also available. New inclusion in the Department is Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery which is quite popular in the current scenario. This minimal access surgery is solving many diagnostic dilemma as well as providing  therapeutic remedies to many surgical situations. VATS is being done  in addition to all the major surgical interventions done in the field of thoracic surgery. The data of this unit provides a good view of significant success rate with very little morbidity and mortality.