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Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI Library is situated on the 2nd floor in Sadiq Rabia Building, which has been continuously disseminating the latest knowledge/information to its   Postgraduate students& allied health Sciences students ,faculty member, non  teaching doctors, Nursing and paramedical staff. Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI Library is fully engaged in providing effective library services for the promotion of medical education and research work. This library is in developing phase and it will be in operation comprising of latest equipments, facilities and comfortable furniture etc


The Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI Library will act as resource center cum Library. The latest editions of medical books are acquired to cater the information needs of students and faculty. The following services are provided at initial stage:

  • The access to HEC Digital Library is available with online medical journals with full text/ online books.
  • Photocopy service is provided to Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI students for Library material .
  • Internet facility is available to Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI students free of cost. Fourteen Pentium – IV terminals are available for this purpose.
  • Scanning and print out facility is available in the library.
  • Reference service is provided to Gulab Devi Hospital & PGMI students specially using Digital Library Database.


  • To keep our medical graduates & other medical staff in touch with the latest advancement and researches going on.
  • To produce best medical graduates & paramedical technologist.
  • To improve the patient  care 
Library Timings
Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 2:30 PM TO9:PM