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Radiology Department

In a Hospital, the Radiology Department plays a pivotal role in diagnostic examination. Different radiological procedures lead to accurate diagnostic information. The Department of Radiology and Imaging at Gulab Devi Chest Hospital is one of the biggest units of its kind in Lahore .It includes all the equipment of Radiology such as X-¬Ray with Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, latest Color Doppler and last, but not the least, one of the latest, high resolution spiral whole-body CT scanner, OCTEL of Toshiba Company. With the help of this machine, needle biopsies in different areas, such as mediastinum, have been made possible. In X-Ray examination, all types of Barium studies are being done like barium swallow, barium meal follow-through, barium enema, IVP and PCN. We are doing all types of ultra-sono graphy.

Although radiology is an expensive medical modality but in Gulab Devi Chest Hospital this facility is provided totally free to the admitted ward patients. The Radiology Department, therefore, is working hand in hand with the other Departments to help poor patients in the best possible ways.