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Society for Rehabilitation of Patients

Society for Rehabilitation of Patients is a registered NGO by Social Welfare Department working for the welfare and rehabilitation of patients.

Members of the Society meet once a month to discuss and find solutions of different problems faced by the patients.

Services provided by the Society:
1. Vocational training
2. Recreational Centre (TV, indoor games toys etc) for children
3. Arrangement of funds to provide free diagnostic facilities to patients in other Hospitals
4. Arrangement of admission fee for poor patients
5. Provision of sewing machines after training
6. Arrangement of expensive drugs, especially for cancer and cardiac patients
7. Arrangement and distribution of gifts on National and religious days
8. Primary Education
9. Religious education Health, education (through audio system) and Dars
10. Arrangement of reading material, Islamic books, Holy Quran
11. Fund raising for various equipments