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TB Wards

Tuberculosis is still rampant all over Pakistan with a case load of 231 per 100,000 population .Poor TB patients require a centre of excellence where all diagnostic and treatment facilities exist. A TB patient if left untreated can spread this disease to 15 other healthy individuals ,thus treating a TB patient is the most rewarding community service. Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore is fighting against TB since its inception in 1934.Today’s most efficient tool to fight and control TB is DOTS(Directly Observed Treatment Short course).

Since September 2006, the Hospital has implemented DOTS, and results are most rewarding. However, need for a hospital cannot be denied for complicated and drug resistant cases as well as emergencies.

Multi Drug Resistant TB is an emerging threat and requires a lot of resources and trained manpower. But fulfilling its commitment to TB patients, GulabDeviHospital, Lahore is providing all diagnostic facilities and treatment to all cases of Multi Drug Resistant TB.A special ward is allocated for MDR TB and highest number of such patients are getting benefit free of charge.